Reality Rhymes
by Kimba Listic
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Inspired by real life experiences, Reality Rhymes by Kimba Listic are masterfully crafted literary works with massive appeal founded in her native beatnik style and on emulating the late, great  Dr. Seuss.  Yet there is where the comparison pales since these wicked, twisted tales have been conjured up in kind with only grown ups rhyme time in mind. (FOR ADULTS ONLY!!)

Transcending beyond traditional creative boundaries, Reality Rhymes by Kimba Listic is a signature art form intended for various print media, recordings, animation shorts, and delivered as performance art infused with spirit. Completely out of the ordinary, these masterfully crafted rhymes are nothing short of extraordinary.

 "Make no mistake!! I AM an Extreme Poet on a mission, a Storyteller Extraordinaire, reaching out to help people heal back to whole."   Kimba Listic ~

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